UPVC Sliding Windows

Sliding Window

Spectrum offers the stunning style of UPVC sliding windows made with movable ‘sashes’. These sashes or panes roll over the small wheels on the sliding track with negligible friction, making the sliding of the panes very smooth. In the upvc sliding window, the whole sash or pane moves horizontally, providing greater ventilation to the room. In addition to that, it elevates the room's interior designs. Sliding windows add a beautiful scene to the room. It is best for medium to large spaces. Many prefer sliding windows because they are easy to operate and add a modern look and feel to the house..

Sound Proof

Fire Resistant

Thermal Insulation

Leakage Free



Sliding windows are best for limited space, as they only slide over horizontal tracks. There is no need for extra space for opening and closing of windows, unlike casement windows. Sliding windows are best for house decor as well as for effective use of space. There are three options available in sliding tracks, (2 tracks, 3 tracks, or 4 tracks) based on the needs and requirements. Sliding windows are highly customizable with various styles and color options.

Sliding Windows
  •   Sliding windows are best for effective use of space.
  •  A wide range is available in more than 8 colors, which includes white, black, and wooden finishes
  •  There are a lot of options available for grille patterns, hardware styles, and glass options.

The Vertical Sliding Sash windows are tested for outstanding weather protection. Our professional technicians have many years of experience in the window industry, leaving no chance of mistakes while installing it. Most of the upvc window frames provide optimum strength and superior thermal properties with excellent weathering performance year after year. With upgraded technology and engineering, Spectrum makes high-quality, fine-finished upvc sliding windows. The upvc profile does not contract and expand in different weather conditions. In addition to that, they provide high-class security to prevent break-ins.

Why Choose UPVC Windows

  • Effective usage of space
  • Secure key with multi-locking handles and steel core in the window profile.
  • Energy efficient that can reduce your heating bills.
  • Allow the maximum light into your rooms.
  • Triple glazing in the Multi-chambered frame with the heavy wall width for structural and thermal performance.
  • We are using the dual strong point glass for maximum and protect the UV protection standard.
  • Drainage system at the bottom of the frame.
  • Protect corona virus and Other bacteria.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Made from unplasticised which is non hazardous to health
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Dust protection and clean with just a wipe
  • Easy to operate with highly smooth hinges

Frequently Asked Questions

uPVC sliding windows consist of two or more frames that slide horizontally from left to right instead of opening up in the front or back. It gives the impression that an enclosed area has more space.

Installing uPVC sliding windows adds an elegant aesthetic to any home. It provides a sleek, simple look that complements a wide range of architectural styles. Each sliding door panel has a large pane of glass running along its top and bottom. The outdoor and indoor spaces can flow seamlessly together with sliding windows, which make it easy to bring the outdoors inside.

Sliding windows are very easy to operate and they are also extremely secure. They are equipped with multiple locking points and can only be locked from the inside, making your entry highly secured.

uPVC means unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. uPVC was invented for the purpose of reducing pollution caused by PVC, which is inherently contaminated with lead & dioxides. And because uPVC doesn’t have lead & dioxides, it eventually contributed towards the betterment of the environment. In addition, they are thermoplastics that can be recycled to create another product.

In the construction of Spectrum uPV, layers of insulating materials are sandwiched between the outer casing and the inner UPVC frame. Because of this, they have excellent thermal properties that help regulate your home's temperature.

There is nothing like a coloured uPVC window because it has a lamination of colors, which means, due to the lamination, the colour of the uPVC profile doesn't fade away with time.

Spectrum windows and beyonds offers 100% customization in uPVC windows from types of glass to the laminations with various sizes that fits perfectly to your home. You can always rely on us for best in class upvc doors.

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