UPVC Doors and Windows For Professional

Spectrum is empowered with knowledge and expertise. We are one of the leading manufacturers and producers of Upvc doors and windows in India, offering premium quality products that protect your home and offices from noise, pollutants, just, heat, rain, wind, and whatnot.

At Spectrum, we have highly skilled professionals who possess years of experience in this field and aim to serve our clients with customized solutions and premium quality products. Our mantra is to deliver a transparent experience, hence we make sure with our skill and knowledge we clear all the doubts of our consumers and guide them through the process of manufacturing, installation, and service.

We have many types of UPVC windows such as casement windows, sliding windows, tilt N turn windows, bay windows, fixed windows, combination windows, and glass joint windows. In addition to that, we also offer many types of UPVC doors like casement doors, sliding doors, lift and slide doors, and bi-fold doors. 

Professionals Need Professionals

Spectrum Bharat follows all the guidelines and norms when it comes to uPVC windows and doors. Our team of professionals makes sure that they provide, produce, manufacture, and deliver the best quality products and experience so that our professional network and our business grow stronger. Good products and pleasant experiences are two integral things that denote the growth of a company and abide by it.

What makes us note-worthy?

Reliable Products , international quality conforming to utmost En. Standards

we have a huge range of profile systems and design solutions that give you everlasting possibilities in design

we have a team of well -experienced and skilled professionals who have in-depth knowledge about UPVC and building solutions. So they aid you from design conceptualization to installation.

We offer 100% recyclable products as per the EN. standards.


Why choose Spectrum?

No other company in India except Spectrum has complete control over the entire  window manufacturing and installation supply chain, leveraging world-class infrastructure. Producing world-class windows requires extensive expertise in extrusion, design, planning, manufacturing, delivery, and installation, we proudly claim that we have ultimate access to all these things.

Our Services

As we are one of the leading companies, we provide reliable and cost-effective services to the customers. Whether for the home decoration or the great enthusiast, we keep you more satisfied with your investments in our products. We will give a friendly and stress-free purchasing experience from design to fitting for all our customers to make them feel and self-confident in selecting the correct product from us. Below mentioned are the reasons to hire us:

Quality Product