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Glass Joint Windows

Glass joint windows provide panoramic views of the room as there is no hindrance from any kind of corner joints. Because of its unique design, it catches the attention of the inside as well as the outside. The diversity of window glass varieties might be overwhelming when deciding on windows for new construction, home renovation, or window replacement projects.

Sound Proof

Fire Resistant

Thermal Insulation

Leakage Free



Spectrum brings to you an in-depth variety of splendid and extraordinary glass window designs. Based on the important characteristics & properties of glass, it is considered as the best future material in building construction. There is a predominant use of glass in contemporary architecture as there is an increasing demand for transparent building elements. It is weather resistant as it can withstand the backlash of rain, sun and wind. It can absorb, reflect and refract light as it enables us to control and manipulate natural light to influence our daily activities and regulate our mental and physical health.

UPVC Glass Window
  •   Due to its low thermal expansion value, it possesses excellent dimensional stability.
  •   Due to its effective insulating reaction against the transmission of visible light, it is a superb insulator against heat, electricity, and electromagnetic radiation.
  •   It is resilient enough to tolerate acidic impacts or chemical reactions in many environmental settings.

Any area of the structure can be made elegant with Spectrum uPVC glass windows. Because of how beautifully light passes through glass in a structure, it has developed into a potent tool for architects. Every uPVC glass-to-glass window produced by Spectrum is made especially for the client to ensure that it satisfies all of their unique requirements. Every window made by Spectrum is a work of art that was created just for you using premium raw materials and the strictest manufacturing standards.

Why Choose UPVC Windows

  • Made from unplasticised which is non hazardous to health
  • Safe, secure and very energy efficient.
  • It's Protect From outer bacteria like, coronavirus, dengue etc.
  • Effective noise reduction should be great for dampening external sounds
  • We are using the dual strong point glass for maximum and protect the UV protection standard.
  • Expands the view of the space and adds grace.
  • Energy efficient that can reduce your heating bills.
  • Effective noise reduction and sounds from outside.
  • Made from unplasticised which is non hazardous to health.
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Dust protection and clean with just a wipe
  • Superior sound insulation.
  • It can keep insects away.
  • Dual sealing keeps out rain, dust and pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is simply a butt joint window created by joining two glass panes in a corner without the corner frame. This window provides a wide and unobstructed view.

Glass joint windows are best known for large and unhindered views and stunning designs. They make the room beautiful and aesthetically appealing in looks. They also give a sense of spaciousness to the room.

Spectrum upvc glass joint windows are difficult to break because the frame is tightly sealed. An inside-opening upvc glass joint window cannot be opened. Your home can be protected from intruders with Spectrum upvc glass joint windows, thanks to their enhanced quality home improvement solutions.

uPVC means unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. uPVC was invented for the purpose of reducing pollution caused by PVC, which is inherently contaminated with lead & dioxides. And because uPVC doesn’t have lead & dioxides, it eventually contributed towards the betterment of the environment. In addition, they are thermoplastics that can be recycled to create another product.

uPVC windows that look like wood because they have been laminated with wood-like foils Because these foils are multilayered, they are able to endure a prolonged period of heavy weather.

Yes, that's right. Due to the excellent sealing that uPVC windows provide, they are excellent soundproofers. Double glazing offers excellent soundproofing properties, so if you want better soundproofing, you can always opt for it.

Spectrum windows and beyonds offers 100% customization in uPVC windows from types of glass to the laminations with various sizes or shapes.

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