UPVC Fixed Window

Fixed Window

Both residential and commercial structures must have fixed windows. The best materials and technologies are used in the construction of our uPVC fixed windows to provide you with the most long-lasting, effective, and beautiful fixed window designs that satisfy all of your needs and demands. Picture windows are another common name for fixed windows. These are fixed, non-opening windows that are made to let in light and provide an unhindered view of the outside. To enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of your home to the fullest, we provide various glass designs.

Sound Proof

Fire Resistant

Thermal Insulation

Leakage Free



At Spectrum, we value excellence. This is why Spectrum upvc fixed windows are made with the highest level of accuracy using the best possible production equipment. We will meet your needs for fixed windows with glass designs or fixed windows that can be customised. Additionally, the prices and costs associated with installing uPVC fixed windows have been maintained low. Contact us to learn more about our fixed window rates and the installation charges associated with them.

upvc fixed glass window
  •    The material is durable and adds to the beauty of the room
  •        A variety of styles and finishes are available, such as white, black, and wooden.
  •        High-speed winds can be handled and resisted by hurricane bars.

UPVC fixed windows are the simplest window system that perfectly suits any residential and commercial type. Also, this sort of window will satisfy the commercial structure and can fulfil the wants of the space. Our fixed windows have opted for vaulted ceilings and even vaulted space which offers a beautiful and lovely look. As we include the reinforcement strength it’ll not cause you to activate the lights during daytime which permits the natural light inside your space.

Why Choose UPVC Windows

  • It can have a greater freedom with a shape, style or size.
  • It can be designed to maximise natural and energy efficiency.
  • It can steel reinforced frames for added strength.
  • Superior sound insulation.
  • Safe, secure and very energy efficient.
  • It's Protect From outer bacteria like, coronavirus, dengue etc..
  • Effective noise reduction should be great for dampening external sounds
  • Energy efficient that can reduce your heating bills.
  • Effective noise reduction and sounds from outside.
  • We are using the dual strong point glass for maximum and protect the UV protection standard.
  • Made from unplasticised which is non hazardous to health
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Dust protection and clean with just a wipe

Frequently Asked Questions

In the construction of Spectrum uPV, layers of insulating materials are sandwiched between the outer casing and the inner UPVC frame. Because of this, they have excellent thermal properties that help regulate your home's temperature and hence reduce your electricity bills.

Upvc profiles are always best because they are very low maintenance, weather resistant, energy efficient, thermally insulated, waterproof, soundproof, termite resistant, fire retardant and eco-friendly.

uPVC means unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. uPVC was invented for the purpose of reducing pollution caused by PVC, which is inherently contaminated with lead & dioxides. And because uPVC doesn’t have lead & dioxides, it eventually contributed towards the betterment of the environment. In addition, they are thermoplastics that can be recycled to create another product.

Spectrum windows and beyonds offers 100% customization in uPVC windows from types of glass to the laminations with various sizes or shapes.

Upvc fixed windows are very easy to maintain, you just have to wipe it off to clean it.

Fixed windows are attached permanently to the wall that offers an unobstructed view allowing maximum light into the room and also improves the aesthetics of the room. It is effective and inexpensive as compared to the wooden windows. It has an appearance of modern next generation construction material which makes it robust that stays intact for many years.

Fixed windows act as a picture window, which does not open or close. They add the view to the room. They are sealed perfectly as they do not open or close.

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