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Bi Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are also known as room dividers as they can fold in an inward or outward direction. These upvc doors can be totally automatic but they can be operated manually in case of a power cut. Various sizes are available for the installation of UPVC Bi-Fold doors. This kind of door can be totally automatic, but it can be operated manually in case of a power cut. It can be installed to vary the size of the openings. Folding doors can need less space for parking, giving a clear opening. Bi-fold doors can be available in a wide range of remarkable variations. It is made up of stringed metal surfaces. The bi-fold doors can act as a shield against extreme climate conditions.

Sound Proof

Fire Resistant

Thermal Insulation

Leakage Free



In most cases, bi-fold doors come with double glazing, but if you prefer, you can swap for triple-glazing glass. There is a sealed cavity (or cavities) between glass panes, which is filled with either air or a noble gas like argon. In addition to providing excellent insulation, this system prevents heat from escaping from the home to the outside. There is no doubt that triple glazing offers the advantage of an extra pane. In addition to offering greater energy efficiency, it's also more secure and better at stifling noise from outside.

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  •   It can be double-walled panels and can be available with various insulation. They are a perfect solution for buildings where good insulation values are required.
  •   It provides noise insulation from outside. 
  •   All of the automatic folding doors can be provided with in-built pass doors for pedestrian access.

Over the past decade, bi-folding doors have become increasingly popular among homeowners. Doors like these are suitable for almost every space, including stores, laundry rooms, and outdoor applications such as gardens. In bi-folding doors, hinges and rollers are mounted at the top of the door and allow the door to have a minimum of two panels and a maximum of seven. Bi-folding doors have glass panels between the UPVC frames, allowing a healthy amount of natural sunlight to fall inside the home. Not only does it brighten your home, but it also saves you money on energy bills.

Why Choose UPVC Windows

  • Easy and smooth opening and closing of doors.
  • It offers uninterrupted outside views
  • It offers a multipoint key locking system, which ensures high class security.
  • Made from unplasticised which is non hazardous to health.
  • Safe, secure and very energy efficient.
  • Needs low or no maintenance.
  • Works as an efficient noise reduction tool which helps to reduce or eliminate sound from outside sources.
  • Long lasting and Sturdy.
  • It's Protect From outer bacteria like, coronavirus, dengue etc.
  • Effective noise reduction should be great for dampening external sounds
  • We are using the dual strong point glass for maximum and protect the UV protection standard.
  • Expands the view of the space and adds grace.
  • Energy efficient that can reduce your heating bills.
  • Effective noise reduction and sounds from outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bi- Fold doors are also known as room dividers as they can fold inward or outward direction. These upvc doors can be totally automatic but it can be operated manually in case of the power cut. Various sizes are available for the installation of UPVC Bi- Fold doors.

Because of their unique design, bi-fold doors are the most popular doors. It's also called a folding door or a divider. They allow the maximum level of light into the room. They are very slim and cover very little space. It's also installed as a room divider, which makes the sectioning of the big room really easy. That not only looks so pleasing but also gives a feel of modernity.

If you are confused about which type of window to choose, then don’t worry. You can book a free consultation with us, and our experts will come to your doorsteps within 24 hours to guide you and to give you all the information needed about the windows and installation.

Spectrum windows and beyonds offers 100% customization in uPVC windows from types of glass to the laminations with various sizes or shapes.

Upvc profiles are always best because they are very low maintenance, weather resistant, energy efficient, thermally insulated, waterproof, soundproof, termite resistant, fire retardant and eco-friendly.

uPVC means unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. uPVC was invented for the purpose of reducing pollution caused by PVC, which is inherently contaminated with lead & dioxides. And because uPVC doesn’t have lead & dioxides, it eventually contributed towards the betterment of the environment. In addition, they are thermoplastics that can be recycled to create another product.

There is nothing like a coloured uPVC window because it has a lamination of colors, which means, due to the lamination, the colour of the uPVC profile doesn't fade away with time.

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