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Bay Windows

Bay windows are multi-paneled windows that are projected outward and this outward projection forms a bay. These windows give a home a royal look and add style and volume to any space. When you search for more space in the room, then choose our wide selection of UPVC bay windows. Typically, bay windows are larger than other sorts of windows. At Spectrum windows and beyond we construct high-class fine finished bay windows with an excellent point of centre. Any room with a bay window will make the room elegant. There are several types of bay windows, including squares, polygons, semi-hexagons, and semi-octagons.

Sound Proof

Fire Resistant

Thermal Insulation

Leakage Free



One of the most sophisticated window styles in interior design, bay windows are known for their functionality and attractive designs. In combination with casement, sliders, and fixed doors, up to eight sides can be achieved. Bay windows are available in many different types today, all of which have an unparalleled beauty. In recent years, uPVC bay windows have become increasingly popular due to their unplasticized polyvinyl chloride construction. Many benefits come with these windows, which offset the costs of uPVC bay windows.

UPVC Bay Window
  •    You can gain some additional space and dimension by installing a bay window
  •     Various style options are available including white, black, and wooden finishes
  •   This material is highly dimensionally stable because of its low thermal.

In order to enhance the amount of natural light that can enter through a wall, its surface area must be increased. In essence, Spectrum bay windows allow more light to enter by extending the window past the wall rather than setting it into the flat wall itself. A lot of people like this feature since it gives the interior a little bit more area, giving the impression that the room is bigger or more open.

Why Choose UPVC Windows

  • Expands the view of the space and adds grace.
  • Superior sound insulation.
  • Dual sealing keeps out rain, dust and pollution.
  • Made from unplasticised which is non hazardous to health
  • Safe, secure and very energy efficient.
  • It's Protect From outer bacteria like, coronavirus, dengue etc.
  • Effective noise reduction should be great for dampening external sounds
  • Energy efficient that can reduce your heating bills.
  • Effective noise reduction and sounds from outside.
  • We are using the dual strong point glass for maximum and protect the UV protection standard.
  • Made from unplasticised which is non hazardous to health
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Dust protection and clean with just a wipe

Frequently Asked Questions

Bay windows are windows that project outward from the main walls of a building to form a bay in a room. Bay windows are intricate and unique. There are no words to describe how beautiful elegance they add to any house.

The major advantages of upvc bay windows is that it adds the style and volume to any space. Because they are the combination of three or more windows, it offers great ventilation. Along with that you can add the sofa near the bay window and use it as a seating area. Spectrum bay windows are highly energy efficient that stops the flow of heat waves from the outside to inside.

There is no doubt in saying that bay windows are best, when it comes to making a room big and spacious. Adding light and a view to a room will certainly make it appear larger.

A bay window has three panels attached to each other, making a bay, but a bow window has more than three, up to eight panels attached to the window frame. Bow windows are typically larger than bay windows.

Being outwardly projected windows, they are directly in contact with the water in case of rain, which causes dampness, bad odour and mold. But it's not going to be a problem with Spectrum upvc bay windows as upvc frames are water proof with inbuilt gaskets that prevent the entry of any liquid from the outside.

In the construction of Spectrum uPV, layers of insulating materials are sandwiched between the outer casing and the inner UPVC frame. Because of this, they have excellent thermal properties that help regulate your home's temperature and hence reduce your electricity bills.

Spectrum windows and beyonds offers 100% customization in uPVC windows from types of glass to the laminations with various sizes or shapes.

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