UPVC is Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. That means no harmful substances or plasticizers are used in the process of manufacturing the upvc product which is why upvc products are eco-friendly in nature. It is a hard and inflexible plastic that does not corrode or rust easily. Many unique features of upvc windows and doors help you to maintain a good and healthy indoor environment. Upvc frames are resistant to fire, dust, moisture, mold, pollutants, and rust. Along with that, they are soundproof which makes your commercial space a better workplace. The best things about upvc frames are that they are really easy to maintain, energy-efficient, robust, and highly durable which not only saves your money but also time. 

UPVC products in commercial space


Currently, upvc is widely used in many professional spaces because of its unique features. Upvc is extensively accepted as a better alternative to timber and aluminium. That is why many people are switching towards upvc profiles from their traditional wooden frames to upvc frames. Upvc frames are available in many sizes and colours. Also, we provide customized upvc frames in the way you want. Spectrum offers a wide range of colours from basic white to classic ash black along with wooden finish range.

  • Our high-class upvc windows and doors are fine finished and aesthetically appealing in looks that enhance the decor of your workspace. The range of our upvc profiles is available in many colours from classic white to elegant wooden feel. Every unique wish can be fulfilled with different designs and sizes. Professional space needs to be designed with high-quality fine finished material which is easy to maintain and durable for a long time. And that is where UPVC profiles play a crucial role in attaining those properties. Upvc frames make the professional building a more comfortable space to work efficiently by making the place soundproof, thermally insulated, and aesthetically appealing. One of the major advantages of spectrum upvc products is that they are energy efficient and keep the indoor temperature maintained. Upvc don't let the heat enter inside and provide the thermal insulation, which not saves your resources and makes it an energy-efficient product. If the office building is located in that area where the sunlight and heat falls directly on it, then spectrum upvc doors and windows is always a best choice. Being a soundproof product with high class glazing and best glass makes the indoor environment silent and peaceful to work in the office. Having Spectrum upvc windows make commercial structures more practical and affordable since they require little maintenance and are very easy to clean.


    With spectrum windows and beyond all doors and windows needs will be catered. Being the most trusted company in India for upvc doors and windows, you can rely on us. Our products are lab tested to withstand Indian extreme conditions and weathers. All our products are ‘Made for India’. 

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